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       Advance Garment Software Co.Ltd., Of Zhongshan (AGS) is rich experience supplier of Apparel ERP management software. Its main products are " AGS-Apparel production management" and "AGS-Apparel ERP" . AGS has been committed to provied professional、 comprehensive information systems solutions to garment enterprises, as well as associated with enterprise information management consulting, implementation and services. From 1990 's AGS has been served apparel industry  base on experienced programmers and consultants for about 20 years.        

        AGS has been keep improving、innovating in garment industry, accumulated lots of successful apparel management experience . Nowadays AGS products are in leading level. Professional, focused, concentrated are AGS’s business Philosophy.

         20 years experience in apparel industry 

           AGS was founded in 1996 and the headquarter is in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province. There are plenty of domestic and foreign famous brand clothing in Zhongshan city which is as the casual apparel production base. AGS combines management experience and software product, help garment companies improve business processes, built management system, improve operational efficiency, enhance core competitiveness and rapid reaction capabilities. So far, it has succeeded in supplying software products and services to nearly over thousands of apparel enterprises, leading position in garment enterprise information management.

Efficient service、 experienced staff-Your best choice !

         Since AGS was founded, it focused on establishing service system and team training.After years of development and accumulation, AGS has a perfect service system: pre-sale, sale and after-sale service. And  gradually set up branches throughout the whole country, to provide a more comprehensive, more effective services and technical support.
         AGS establishes win-win and long-term partnership with customers base on expertise and a wealth management concept ,helping to create the greatest value. Going forward, AGS will continue to develop new versions to meet growing management requirement of customers.
         Adhering to the purpose of innovation and practical services to customers, AGS will insist on customer first and service first throughout the service, determined to become the best softeware supplier in apparel industry.

AGS- Apparel Enterprise Management System Professinal products, Quality service!

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