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AGS visited the powerful old client-Difeng International!
Release time:2018-09-28

AGS  and Difeng forged a bond as early as 2009, information management has become an important strategic partner.
Difeng was founded in 1990 and headquartered in Qingpu district, Shanghai City, Office area occupies an area of more than 80,000 square meters. Is a international grade business casual menswear marketing management, development design, manufacture, distribution and internationally renowned jewelry, jewelry business, as one of the large-scale modern enterprise group.
Zhejiang Difeng costumes for the Group's garment enterprises in Wenzhou, is located in Wenzhou City, high-tech Park, covering more than 10,000 square meters, with production employs more than 3,000 people.
      Headquarters and the subsidiary application of the AGS garment ERP system over five years. Two company official during close contact to solve day-to-day administrative needs in a timely manner. Through the software process management full display perfectly meet the needs of management, software process, common development of both sides complement each other.
      AGS company from inception, has racked up over 16 years of management experience in the apparel industry. Do not regularly visit customers is AGS for the customer service commitment, understanding the requirements and use cases and shared vision planning and development direction in the future.
In early December, led high-level consultations with Difeng AGS software, fixing December 30 door return trip this year, from 2014, looking ahead to 2015.
      AGS arrived Difeng international leaders on the day, led by Difeng guided tour, from factories, office buildings, exhibition area, and then to the specific garment workshop process, from the details of the management to large data transfer, embodied the two sides of the same business philosophy and market positioning.
       Difeng leadership said: "after the full realization of the information system of the company management realizes rapid growth performance in recent years, and more and more the industry is watching. Believed AGS continue to bring us a powerful software and professional services. ”
      On this visit, AGS Marketing Department concluded that Difeng, we can really see a "chain" of power. Difeng has formed the production, processing, brand management to the maturity of the logistics chain, this is where Difeng core competence lies! Development of AGS software may keep pace with customer needs to provide better products and services.





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